Huawei Eco - Connect Europe 2018

For a DigitALL INtelligent Future

We are in an age where digital and increasingly intelligent technologies are rapidly changing and redefining how we live, work, learn, do business, affecting every person, home, and organization at an unprecedented pace and extent - around the world and in Europe.
While digital transformation is still a challenge for many industries, companies and societies In Europe, the speed of evolution continues relentlessly globally.
In a nutshell : how can Europe fully participate in and reap the benefits of this digital, intelligent world ? And how can AI help and be responsibly used to infuse intelligence into industry and society resulting in better services, higher efficiency and safety? How can Europe finally accelerate the successful digital transformation of its industries? What is the role of 5G in the near future? What is the value of achieving the leap from smart to truly intelligent devices? Finally, how can a European digital open ecosystem with powerful networks, cloud, big data, and IoT increase success and boost business growth?
As a leading ICT company who has been operating in Europe for over 15 years, we pledged ourselves to provide world- leading technologies to shape an open, innovative and collaborative digital ecosystem. As the World Nr 2. Smart device creator and provider we work hard to pioneer solution that take smart devices to intelligent ones. As a locally engaged global company we hope to pave the way for a fully connected, intelligent life and work in Europe by enabling the adoption and growth of digital skills of citizens’ and organizations. We invite you to join in, look forward and step up to meet the challenges and learn about solutions for a fully connected, intelligent and digital Europe for ALL. It is a great pleasure for me to cordially invite you to the 3rd Huawei Eco-Connect Europe Event. I look forward to meeting you this year Rome in the incredible La Nuvola, on November 8th and 9th, at our European flagship event.
Let’s create a great DigitALL& Intelligent Age together - from Europe to the World.


From 07 December 2022  to 11 December 2022

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From 17 November 2022  to 20 November 2022

Roma Arte in Nuvola 2022


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